Academy Workshops

Western University of Health Sciences’ American Indian Health Career Ladder (AIHCL) is a pathway fostering the progress of students from the Pomona community in becoming skilled and compassionate health care practitioners in a variety of medical and health care professions. Western University of Health Sciences hopes that the program will be able to provide support, linkage, and mentorship to your child throughout their pursuit of a career in medicine.

These workshops are conducted by health care professionals and WesternU students who are studying to become health care professionals. Current participating health professions opportunities your child can explore are the following: Nursing, Physical Therapy, Medicine, Dental, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine. AIHCL looks forward to expanding the opportunities every year!

Academy Dates

Via Zoom: Apply to the program to receive further information.

September Academy

September 19, 2020

October Academy

October 17, 2020

November Academy

November 14, 2020

December Academy

December 12, 2020

January Academy

January 23, 2020

February Academy

February 20, 2020

Awards Ceremony

April 24, 2020


American Indian Health Career Ladder

The American Indian Health Career Ladder (HCL) has entered its 10th year as a unique multi-institutional formal alliance of WesternU with Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory of North America and Sherman Indian High School, fostering a unique program empowering students and parents to become health professionals “from our community, for our community”, as well as to promote health lifestyles in a population with epidemic levels of lifestyle-related diseases endemic to Pomona.  Read more…

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We wish to thank the following partners for supporting the growth and empowerment of our youth and community members.