Lebanon Health Career Ladder

Biomedical Scholars are second and third-year students from the LHCL program

The Lebanon Health Career Ladder Biomedical Scholars will consist of students returning to the program to further explore education and career options.

LHCL ScholarsBiomedical Scholars have the opportunity for in-depth exploration of a career in the Health professions throughout middle school and high school, continuing into their college pre-health professions phase. Starting with their induction in a “white coat” ceremony, these students will receive targeted teaching and advising to smooth their path into the profession of their choice, especially one in healthcare.

Features of the Biomedical Scholars program include the following:


Biomedical Scholars will receive targeted advising and direction to resources for academic assistance and social mentorship.


Biomedical Scholars continue to participate in monthly Saturday academies. As they progress in the ladder they will assume increasing responsibility in a leadership role, conducting research, designing and presenting topics to 1st year students and their families.

Peer Group

Biomedical Scholars will join a peer group of like-minded students that climb the Career Ladder with them from 6th grade through high school graduation (and beyond).

Club Activities

Interested Biomedical Scholars will have the opportunity to perform community service, through COMP-Northwest club activities.


Biomedical Scholars have the opportunity to teach our medical students, by acting as a Standardized Patient in the clinical education program and by participating in the LHCL which allows our students to develop the skills needed to host philanthropic community events, that they will carry with them into their future communities.